About Us


Gabion Real Estate Advisors is a full service professional due diligence firm equipped with a unique set of resources dedicated to helping our clients successfully navigate the commercial real estate process from pre-acquisition/development through disposition. We specialize in providing in-depth Property Condition Assessments, Construction Document Reviews, Construction Monitoring, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Financial (Argus) Modeling, Lease Abstracting, and Full Suite Underwriting. 

Our resources and our approach set us apart from other firms offering similar services. We offer a cooperative approach that is second to none, providing for extensive follow-up, reworking, and creative alternatives as opposed to others that offer a one-size-fits-all, take-it or leave-it report. Our clients know that they can always call and discuss report findings with the actual person working on their mandate.

Deep personal relationships are key to our long term success.  We develop these relationships by employing highly qualified individuals and promoting direct contact with those people throughout the process.  Our clients do not have to worry about who will be touring a property, analyzing complex environmental issues, developing budgets or vetting financial details because you will know them on a personal level. 

What is a Gabion, you ask?

Gabion (n.):

A steel mesh cage filled with stones to form a large block used to create a tiered retaining wall or abutment.  Used in an architectural capacity as exterior walls, fencing and other structures.

Philosophically the gabion serves as a perfect image for our company.  Each member of the Gabion team is a stone, with skills that make them strong and unique individuals.  Gabion provides a shape or container so that the skills of each member of our teams can be combined to accomplish great tasks.  Gabions do not crack.  They support great loads, yet water can drain through them freely. They do not slump or falter at minor variations in support or loading.  The ability to build with gabions is only limited by imagination.  Likewise, our set of professional resources is ready to be put to work for our clients.  We stand ready to accomplish well defined services or to be used in new and unique ways that will best fulfill our client needs.

Gabion is here to serve.  That is what we are built for.