Engineering Services

Gabion Real Estate Advisors offers a broad range of engineering services, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have significant experience preparing reports and services that are widely recognized and utilized during the due diligence phase of an acquisition and the pre-development and construction phases of new construction. Our comprehensive range of engineering services includes: 

Comprehensive Property Condition Analysis (PCA)

 A PCA begins with the physical examination and visual walk-through of a real estate asset. The existing condition of the property is examined along with an analysis of future conditions during the holding period. Construction plans and public documents are reviewed, and regulatory agencies are visited for code compliance. A capital budget analysis is created, detailing items and costs affecting the property during a typical holding period. The final report includes detailed information on the architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical building systems along with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) code compliance. Gabion’s PCA reports typically exceed the industry standard of ASTM E-2018-15 and customized scopes of work are available at our Clients’ request. Per the Client’s direction, reports can be written to meet the requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, US Housing & Urban Development, and the US Small Business Administration (SBA).  

Our typical turnaround time is 7 days for Clients requiring due diligence on1 or 2 properties. For a large portfolio of properties, we typically perform under a 30 day turnaround. 

Preconstruction Review and Owner/Lender Representation

For owners and lenders, our team performs an independent review of construction plans, consultant reports, construction contracts, and the bidding process prior to the beginning of construction.  Once a contractor has been selected, we review the construction schedule, and construction costs. We work diligently to ensure the best interests of our Clients and minimize unforeseen issues that result in change orders. 

Construction Monitoring and Draw Review

During construction, Gabion performs a monthly site inspections and ensures the contractor’s draw request matches the level of work performed to date.  This scope of work also includes passive inspection of a contractor’s work to verify general conformance with plans and specifications.  If the contractor deviates from the design plans, utilizes questionable construction methods, or performs work of questionable quality, we notify the Client and their designees. We can also assist with negotiating contractor change orders.  

Seismic Study and Probable Maximum Loss Reports

Assessment for properties located in areas where there is a probability of earthquakes. The report assesses the seismic vulnerability of a property, resistance of this type of property to damage, and the potential for losses from an earthquake occurrence. These assessments are performed in accordance with the industry standard, ASTM E2026-16a and E2557-16a.  

Zoning Review and Entitlement Evaluation, Permit and License Review

Zoning review and entitlement evaluation includes an analysis of the zoning regulations affecting a property, regulatory approved variances, and any property level violations of zoning requirements. The permit and license review identifies any missing or expired items and verifies code compliance with current fire, health, and life safety inspections.