Financial Services

Gabion maintains a team of highly talented and experienced financial analysts and underwriters. We are available to serve a wide variety of Client needs from basic Lease Abstracting to Full Service Underwriting and Financial Modeling. Our experts would be happy to assist in any of the following areas: 

Lease Abstracting

The scope of work includes abstracting data from lease documents into a summary of selected leasing information.  The report provides a single point summary for key information of all leases affecting a property.  We are happy to work with our clients' individual abstract template, or we can use our own template tailored to address your specific needs. 

Loan Underwriting

The process begins with a visual walk-through of the property and on-site research of current leases followed by lease abstracting. A Gabion Argus DCF model is created based on lease abstraction, rent roll analysis, reserve requirements, cash flows, leverage, investment/disposition assumptions, and partnership structure with waterfalls. If provided, the Seller’s Argus model is analyzed and compared to key information identified during lease abstracting. The report includes sensitivity analysis and the value of the property based on existing leases and the Client’s assumptions. 

Portfolio Loan Underwriting

Gabion can prepare loan underwriting packages for portfolios of commercial properties which will include financial modeling of individual assets. For complicated modeling, we can create coded and linked excel models.