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Travis Littlefield, Principal

  Travis Littlefield is a founding Partner of Gabion Real Estate Advisors and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, with a degree in Architectural Engineering. Travis is heart-and-soul devoted to ensuring that Gabion Clients derive the highest level of satisfaction in all areas of the Firm’s due diligence and real estate consulting practice. “We compete against the marketplace at-large, daily, and invite our Clients to compare and contrast the value of their professional service dollar with other firms, to what Gabion has to offer.  I endeavor to provide our clients with the highest level of service in all areas of due diligence and real estate consulting.” Travis has always had a love for buildings.  He began working at Centex Construction Company in preconstruction and project management functions learning budgeting as well as construction methods and processes.    Travis has also worked on engineering and maintenance crews, experience that has proven very valuable in understanding building systems, maintenance requirements, and needs of building owners and occupants.

Off Topic:

I love woodworking, and I spend a lot of my free time making picture frames, boxes, and various organizational tools.  I also love spending time with my kids, doing homework or attending sporting events.

Scott Hill, Principal


Scott Hill is a founding Partner of Gabion Real Estate Advisors. Along with Partner, Travis Littlefield, Scott has responsibility for the overall operation and business activities of the Firm.  Scott moved from Chicago, Illinois to Dallas, Texas at 17 and is a graduate of the University of Texas (Dallas) with duel degrees in Finance and International Business. “The value of our service, nature of our relationships and the integrity of our dealings is material to our enduring professional relationships, some as long as 20+ years. I count the tenure of our Client relationships as one of the signature achievements that I will look back upon one day as the most meaningful of our accomplishments.” Scott started his professional career in the golf course development and construction business, leading to a pursuit of a career within the commercial real estate space.

Off Topic:

While in college Scott toured Germany and Austria playing baseball in a nascent “professional” baseball league. While in High School, Scott had a “Ferris Bueller” experience of skipping school to attend a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

Sam Camilli, Managing Director

Sam Camilli is a Managing Director of Gabion Real Estate Advisors.  Gabion Clients will attest to Sam’s consistent contributions to their due diligence and overall business function. Sam is a proven contributor within the various investment strategies of our Clients, in all phases of a property’s lifecycle for Core, Value-add and Ground-up investment opportunities. Product expertise includes Multifamily, Office, Industrial, Retail, Sports Stadiums, Water Parks Healthcare Facilities, Hospitality, within the continental US, Mexico, and Hawaii.  Sam has 45 years of diversified experience in real estate and construction management that involves architecture, space planning, project management, leasing, and property management. Sam is a graduate of Texas A&M University with Bachelor of Environmental Design, and is also fluent in Spanish.

Off Topic: Sam has been building Classic Cars and Hot Rods for 30+ years and continues this hobby with his brother-in-law, today. Current projects include a 1950 Buick and 1949 Cadillac.  As a youngster, Sam caddied for Lee Trevino on one occasion in El Paso, Texas.

David Stoessell, P.E., Director

David Stoessell, P.E., is a Director at Gabion Real Estate Advisors and holds a Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA with dual specializations in Real Estate and Financial Management & Markets from Arizona State University. He is a Texas licensed Professional Engineer with expertise in Civil, Architectural, and Construction Engineering. Prior to graduate school, David worked as an entrepreneur land developer and in the land development and public works departments of two Austin civil engineering companies, TCB (now AECOM) and Espey Consultants. As an entrepreneur, David co-founded and entitled the Estates at Stone Crossing master planned community, a 150-acre mixed-use site in New Braunfels, Texas. Since completing graduate studies, David has worked at Gabion performing commercial real estate due diligence throughout the United States, and his areas of expertise are finance and engineering.  

Off Topic: I consider myself an extroverted introvert as I love to travel, socialize, and meet new people but equally enjoy quietly reading a good book.  

Mandi York, Senior Vice President

Mandi York is SVP at Gabion Real Estate Advisors and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science.  Mandi has had a long-standing interest in the interplay between the environmental and political arenas and began her career within the environmental field working as an Environmental Investigator I, within the Air Program of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality where she was responsible for conducting technical investigations and determining compliance with air permits and state/federal environmental regulations.  Mandi then transitioned to the City of Plano, Texas as a Storm Water Specialist, ensuring compliance with Plano’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit.  While working for these governmental agencies, Mandi gained domain experience interpreting complex environmental regulations while also gaining insight into the public aspects of environmental policy.  With over eleven years of experience in the environmental field conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and other environmental investigations for Clients within the commercial real estate arena, Mandi understands the intricacies of identifying potential or existing environmental liability concerns relating to commercial real estate transactions.  Having both public sector and private industry experience with regard to interpreting potential environmental liability exposure, Mandi brings a well-informed perspective to the Firm’s environmental due diligence practice that is not easily replicated in the marketplace.

Off Topic: In her free time, Mandi enjoys running, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.  Mandi's most recent hobbies include cooking as many new recipes as possible in her Instant Pot and creating Lego masterpieces with her two sons. 

Bradley Hankins, Senior Associate

Brad is a Senior Associate at Gabion Real Estate Advisors who has extensive well-rounded experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial design and construction.

Prior to becoming a commercial real estate due diligence consultant in 2001, Brad spent five years with an architectural firm where he was involved with all phases of architecture, from programming and design to construction administration. Through this work, Brad has also gained a working knowledge of federal, state, and local code requirements. 

Since that time, Brad has been able to transfer the knowledge and skills obtained through his architectural experience by providing insightful and in-depth information for clients on both new construction and existing properties. Brad has conducted well over 100 Property Condition Assessments throughout the U.S. for commercial real estate investors and lending institutions, which include preparing in-depth reports and multi-million-dollar long-term capital expenditures budgets for investors. Brad has worked in a wide variety of sectors of the industry, from high-rise office buildings, retail, multi-family residential and governmental facilities to hotels and resorts. Additionally, Brad has both written a number of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and worked closely with colleagues in visually inspecting properties for potential environmental issues in order for them to prepare Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments.

Off Topic: A native Texan, Brad and his family moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2013 and enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking. 

Jeremy Smith, Senior Associate


Jeremy C. Smith is a Senior Associate at Gabion Real Estate Advisors and holds a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering degree with a Business Foundations focus from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining Gabion, Jeremy worked as an Engineer and Engineering Manager primarily focusing on specifying, designing, validating, budgeting, and project managing complex mechanical systems for use in the international offshore oil and gas industry. During this time, Jeremy was a lead inventor or contributing inventor on over ten patent applications which are all pending or issued with the United States Patent Office. Jeremy has worked at Gabion since 2016 performing commercial real estate due diligence throughout the United States including retail, office, hospital, industrial, multi-family, hotel, and assisted living centers. 

Off Topic: Jeremy was an All-American swimmer at The Woodlands High School and enjoys watching sports, traveling, reading, and spending time outdoors in Austin, Texas.