Environmental Services

Our Environmental Professionals have reviewed/prepared Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on over 1,000 sites. We provide a thorough thoughtful analysis of each property to identify any environmental conditions that could adversely affect the property. Our service does not stop with the mere identification of an issue as we act on our client’s behalf to pursue any issue or cause for concern. We are ready to serve clients in the following capacity: 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA)

A Phase I ESA begins with a physical examination and visual walk-through of a commercial real estate asset. The scope of work includes an analysis of a property’s topography, geology, environmental setting and a historical record review of historical maps, title records, regulatory files, and surrounding properties back to the property’s first recorded use.  Interviews are also performed with individuals familiar with the site including owners, tenants, and/or property managers. Gabion’s ESA reports are written in accordance with the industry standard of ASTM E 1527. Per the Client’s direction, reports can be written to meet the requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, US Housing & Urban Development, and the US Small Business Administration (SBA).  

Our typical turnaround time is 7 days for Clients requiring ESAs on 1 or 2 properties. For a large portfolio of properties, we typically perform under a 30 day window. 

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II ESA)

A Phase II ESA is generally recommended when the findings of a PHASE 1 ESA notes or suggests potential environmental site contamination. Commercial properties such as gas stations and dry cleaners typically require a Phase 2 ESA as they are high risk sites. The scope of work can include sampling and testing of stored waste, soil, soil vapor, and groundwater along with geophysical surveys. A local state-certified laboratory is utilized for sample analysis.  

Vapor Intrusion Screens (VIS)

A VIS is intended to identify the presence of chemicals of concern (COC) vapors that may have migrated onto the property due to contaminated soil and groundwater from adjacent sites. Gabion’s VIS reports are written in accordance with the industry standard of ASTM E2600. 

Environmental Transaction Screens (ETS)

As an alternative to a Phase 1 ESA, Gabion performs an ETS which has a more limited scope of work for properties having a low risk of environmental contamination.  The process includes a site inspection, owner/tenant interview and questionnaire, limited historical search, and review of regulatory files. Gabion’s ETS reports are written in accordance with the industry standard of ASTM E1528.